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Passport Services

The Australian Consulate-General in Chicago can assist Australian citizens with reporting lost, stolen or damaged passports, as well as in providing a new Australian Passport while overseas. 

Please note all passport applications must be lodged in person, even if you live a long distance from the Consulate-General. 

Our staff visit various locations in the Midwest during the year.  This may remove the requirement for you to visit Chicago to lodge a passport application.  Please see Passport Outreach below to see if our travel coincides with your needs.  Upcoming visits include Minneapolis on 9-10 November


To report your passport as lost, stolen or damaged, please call the Australian Consulate-General in Chicago at +1-312 419 1480 or use the button below. Lost, stolen or damaged passports must be reported before you are able to lodge a new passport application.

Once a passport has been reported as lost, stolen or damaged, it is no longer valid and cannot be used for travel. Even if recovered, you will still need a new passport.

Report Passport Lost, Stolen, Damaged


Begin your online passport application, by selecting "Apply or Renew Passport". We strongly recommend you read the "Application Guide" before commencing your application. Please follow all instructions carefully to avoid having to resubmit your application.

If you need a passport for urgent travel, and need to depart the USA within three weeks of lodging your application, please contact the Consulate-General directly on +1 312-419-1480 (option '2' for passports).

Overseas Application Guide

Apply for or Renew Passport

Interview Appointment

You can use the scheduler below to book a passport interview. Each application will require its own appointment (e.g. 3 passport applications by members of the same family = 3 appointments).

Please ensure you have read the Application Guide above before preparing your application.

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What to Bring to Interview

For passport renewals you must bring the completed form, your previous passport, two compliant photographs, and means of payment.

For all other passports applications please tick off 'What to Bring to your Passport Appointment' in 'Your Checklist' on your application form.


Passport Outreach

Indianapolis IN – April/May 2018

The next Passport Outreach in Indianapolis will be in May/June 2018, with dates to be confirmed early in early 2018.



Minneapolis MN – 9 & 10 November 2017

The Australian Consulate-General in Chicago will conduct a Passport Outreach in downtown Minnesota on the afternoon of Thursday 9 November and morning of Friday 10 November 2017.

Please click here to make an appointment, or visit:

The following Passport Outreach in will be in April/May 2018, with precise dates to be confirmed early in early 2018.

US Specifics

Please note the following while lodging an Australian passport application in the US

Children born in USA

In the US, it is common for birth certificates to show only the mother’s maiden name even if the mother was using a married name at the time of birth. In these cases, the mother must show a marriage certificate to show the link between the mothers name on the birth certificate and the current name of the person giving consent.


Australian passport photo requirements are different to US requirements. Your photos must meet the exacting standards outlined by the Australian Passports Office (APO). You can find a list of photographers we have had success with previously here.

If there are no locations near you, consider trying to take and print a photo yourself.

Alternatively, you may consider the following approach:

  • obtain a passport photo locally (need not meet APO standards) and have the back of the photo endorsed by the guarantor
  • obtain two additional photos in Chicago at a Chicago-based photographer listed above, and bring all three to interview.


Current fees can be found at our Washington Embassy website.  Then please return to this site.


People who can act as guarantors when you are applying for a full passport (not a renewal) In the US are listed here.


When printing applications on regular US letter-size paper you will need to size the document to fit.  A simple way to do this is to save the application in PDF format and when printing, select option 'Fit to Size'. 

No alterations

Please ensure there are no alterations or corrections to the application form.


Ensure you correctly date in the Australian format of DD/MM/YYYY.





Contact Us

If you need assistance scheduling your appointment or have questions regarding the passport application process, you can call us on +1-312 419 1480 or email us at