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Passport Outreach – Downtown Indianapolis IN – 27 & 28 September 2017

The Australian Consulate-General in Chicago will be conducting a Passport Outreach in Indianapolis on the afternoon of Wednesday 27 September and morning of Thursday 28 September 2017.

Please click here to make an appointment, or visit:

The next Passport Outreach for Indianapolis will be in May/June 2018, with dates to be confirmed early in early 2018, which will assist your planning for your passport requirements.

For further information please call the Consulate on Ph: +1-312-419-1480.


Passport Information

You must book your appointment online. Please use the button below to view our booking page.

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Please Note: The Consulate is closed for some public holidays.

All passport applications must be lodged in person from 1 July, 2015 via a scheduled appointment.

Please ensure Australian date format (DD/MM/YYYY) is used on all passport application forms.
Applications with incorrect date formats or corrected dates will not be accepted.

Incomplete applications, incorrectly completed applications and applications missing supporting documentation cannot be accepted and will require re-lodgement. This applies to all applicants, including those that live considerable distances from the Consulate-General in Chicago, Illinois.

Requirements for passport applications are set out in the Australian Passports Act 2005. Consulate staff do not have the discretion or capacity to vary these requirements.

We strongly recommend that all instructions be read carefully and applicants with any questions after reading the instructions are encouraged to contact the us at 312-419-1480 and select Option 2 for passports .

Applying for an Australian Passport

• You can access passport application forms and detailed instructions including fee information and photo guidelines, from the Embassy of Australia in Washington DC website.

What to bring to your Appointment:

What to bring for Adult Passport Renewal:

☐ Most recent passport

☐ 2 compliant passport photos that are in colour

☐ Completed application form (does not need to be printed on A4 paper, just fit to size on regular US paper - to do this, save the application as a PDF and when printing, select the option Fit to Size)

☐ Correct payment (we accept payment by Visa and MasterCard - view current fees here)

What to bring for New Overseas Passport or Children’s Passport (PC8):

☐ Proof of citizenship (Australian Birth Certificate or Certificate of Citizenship)

☐ 2 compliant passport photos that are in colour, less than six months old and signed by guarantor

☐ Completed application form (does not need to be printed on A4 paper, just fit to size on regular US paper - to do this, save the application as a PDF and when printing, select the option Fit to Size)

☐ Correct payment (we accept payment by Visa and MasterCard - view current fees here)

☐ Correct additional original documents (i.e. name change, marriage certificates, birth certificates, government issued identification with photo/signature) and proper ID

☐ Most recent passport (if possible)

Please note: Children born in USA: In the US, it is common for birth certificates to show only the mother’s maiden name even if the mother was using a married name at the time of birth. In these cases, the mother must show a marriage certificate to show the link between the mother’s name on the birth certificate and the current name of the person giving consent.

Please Ensure the Following on Your Application:

☐ Form is correctly filled out

☐ Date is signed in Australian format DD/MM/YYYY

☐ No alterations or corrections are made to the page (ie no scratching things out, writing over dates)

Other Information:


Photo Information:

You will need to bring two (2) colour photographs, less than six months old that are formatted to Australian Standards, not American.

While the Consulate-General in Chicago does not endorse any particular photographer, to assist Australians living in and passing through the United States, we have provided a list of photographers that have been recently used with good results. If there are no locations near you, consider trying to take and print a photo yourself.

You may also consider getting a photo closer to the Consulate instead of trying to source photos in your hometown. If you wish to use the service close to the Consulate-General in Chicago, please visit Passport Photo Chicago’s website for hours and location information. If you have filled out the full application or a child application, please ensure you follow these additional steps:

  1. Obtain a passport photo from a local store and have your guarantor endorse the back of it. A US-style passport photo will work for the guarantor endorsement. The photo does not have to meet Australian standards.
  2. On your way to the interview, obtain two additional photos – these two photos must meet Australian Standards.
  3. Provide all three photos at your interview – the original photo signed by the guarantor, plus the two new photos obtained on your way to the interview.


Privacy Policy

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