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How to Apply

Note: These instructions are for Chicago vacancies only.


Please submit application materials in MS Word or PDF formats only.

There are three documents required to be submitted in response to Locally Engaged Staff (LES) vacancies. Applications will not be considered if they do not include the following three documents:


1. LES Application Form

Complete this form in full except for citizenship details which are only necessary for security cleared positions.  

An LES Application Form must be submitted for each vacancy.


2. Resume

Include an up-to-date resume which details all relevant work experience and lists most recent or current employment.  


3. Selection Criteria

Applicants must provide a separate statement which provides responses to ALL selection criteria, including desirable criteria for their applications to be considered. Selection criteria for each position are listed in the position documentation of each vacancy. Specific guidelines for addressing selection criteria can be found below:

There are a number of Selection Criteria listed in each vacancy notice. Applicants are asked to address each in a document that is separate to their resume and application form.

To address each criterion, applicants must first state the criterion, then provide 1-2 paragraphs on your abilities, experiences, and/or knowledge in the area.  You might include reference to relevant training and how you have successfully used these and other skills in your current or past positions.


Selection Criterion 1: Knowledge and experience of dealing with domestic pets.

I have two cats and three dogs of my own which I care for on a day to day basis. During high school I cared for pets, including rabbits, cats, dogs, hamsters and a donkey, for owners who were on vacation . For the last three years I have worked as a veterinary assistant in a practice based on small domestic animals. Through this work I learned basic first aid for pets and how to apply this with minimum difficulty for both the pet and the owner. I was responsible for the daily management of up to 20 boarded pets per day, including changing of dressings.

Repeat for each criterion.

Send Applications to: 

Please send the three required documents to:



Accepting the offer

Those candidates successful in their application for the vacancy will be made an offer of employment subject to verification of start date, employment authorisation, security/background checks etc. Start dates for all vacancies will be confirmed after satisfactory security/background checks have been completed.